Our creativity and innovation also reach overseas, indeed, from the opposite side of the world.
Thanks to our partners European Kitchen Art and the inspiration of Vadim Kadoshnikov, we have created the first Model Essenza kitchen in Canada.

The kitchen is on two sides, with a typically American cooking area with a central stove. The Essenza hood stands out for the insertion of marble as a top decoration.

The finish is very special. It is a combination of pearl gray diamond and platinum white lacquer, with the insertion of parts in eucalyptus brown. All the inserts are in polished brass finish, as are the handles.

In the column area we have inserted the recessed doors, very functional and elegant.

The island has a washing area, with a polished brass tap.

An exceptional example of what a skilled interior designer can achieve through the mastery of Martini Interiors and the ESSENZA project.