Questions and answers about our bespoke kitchens.

What makes a martini kitchen a real bespoke kitchen?

The kitchen is a primary furnishing element, fundamental in the decoration of the residence. The kitchen is made up of well-defined elements, called modules. These are divided into bases (elements that support the worktop), wall units (elements that are hung on the wall) and columns. These elements are usually made according to defined measurements, which follow the measurements of the appliances.

At Martini Interiors, on the other hand, we create tailor-made elements that allow us to maximize containment, ergonomics and functionality both according to the size of the home and to the customer’s measurements. The fact of making kitchens to size, however, is only the tip of the iceberg of what the term “customization” means for us.

By customization we mean an almost infinite series of details that can be modeled according to the most sought after needs of the customer.

Each module can be made with particular measures, which adapt to curved walls, particularly tall or low people, handicapped people, etc.

Whether it is classic, modern, country style or shaker style, luxury style, our goal is to create the tailor-made kitchen that perfectly fits your taste and kitchen idea. For this reason, in addition to the numerous models we are ready to redefine the shapes of the kitchen with curves, decorations, special combinations.

Exotic woods, imaginative and creative processes, insertion of materials such as metal, mother of pearl, fabric and leather. In Martini Interiors the kitchen is redefined in its essence.

Colors, patinas, aged or open-pore finishes. Metallic colors and glossy finishes. Your bespoke kitchen can be defined according to the most sophisticated color schemes.

Even the hardware (handles, hinges, joints) can be customized. The choice is endless and we can customize them in shape, finish and size.

Whether you prefer a modern and easy-to-clean interior, or a lacquer that perfectly reflects the exterior or a warm and reassuring wood, the interiors can be custom designed, creating innovative and unique solutions.

What makes Martini Interiors bespoke kitchens different?

To understand the substantial differences that Martini Interiors’ custom-made kitchens have compared to all other kitchens, one has to go into detail.

The goal of the obsessive attention to detail we have is to create custom-made kitchens that are of the highest quality, resistant over time, usable with great ease and with an attractive design.

The quality is obtained through the personal selection of the best raw materials and through a continuous control of the design and production phases.

The durability of our bespoke kitchens is an integral part not only of our culture, but also of our environmental sustainability plan.

The design of each kitchen is handled by experienced designers and competent developers, who make each composition elegant and functional.

How much does a custom-made kitchen by Martini Interiors cost?

Each composition is created and defined by itself. For this reason, all custom-made kitchens are made following the aesthetic, functional and budget objectives.
The artisanal production, in addition to giving prestige to the composition, allows us to safely say that buying a tailor-made kitchen from Martini Interiors is an investment over time. The extra cost associated with higher quality is amply repaid by greater durability of materials and a timeless design.

Where can I buy Martini Interiors bespoke kitchens?

Our team specialized in the installation of custom-made Martini Interiors kitchens works all over the world. In Europe, the best way to get in touch with our bespoke kitchens is to visit our showroom in Verona, where expert designers can define the best composition with you. In the rest of the world, a very large number of partners will be able to assist you in selecting, shipping and installing at home.

How long will I have to wait for my Martini Interiors bespoke kitchen?

Martini Interiors bespoke kitchens are produced one by one from panels, solid wood and other materials. Nothing is prefabricated. During production you will be constantly updated on the status of the project and production. The production process of a tailor-made kitchen Martini Interiors lasts about 60 days from the moment of production.

In addition to kitchen furniture, are worktops and appliances also available?

In the Verona showroom you will find a very wide selection of natural and artificial stones to be used as a worktop in bespoke kitchens. We work together with the best appliance brands to provide maximum functionality to the kitchen.

Will my bespoke kitchen go well with the room decorations?

At Martini Interiors we conceive our bespoke kitchens as part of the overall furnishing project. Coatings, wall paints, wallpapers, lighting, etc. they are an integral part of every project of our made-to-measure kitchens.

Will my bespoke kitchen go well with the other furniture in the house?

Our designers manage the bespoke kitchen as part of the home decor. All custom-made furniture, doors, paneling are made in our workshops with the same finishes and the same decorations.

Where can I find the dealer closest to me to buy my made-to-measure kitchen?

In the Distribution section you will find the list of Martini Interiors dealers. By calling us you can book your visit to our showroom in Verona.