Alexander Lamont – Luxury pieces of furniture

Explore the exquisite world of luxury with the luxury furniture of our partner, Alexander Lamont. Each piece of furniture crafted by this visionary artist is a masterpiece, a harmonious blend of artistry and meticulous attention to materials.

We are passionate to experience the world of luxury furniture, where passion meets craftsmanship, where every curve and texture tells a story of dedication and elegance. With Alexander Lamont’s creations, we are always here to help you in transforming  your space into a work of art, inviting you to immerse yourself in the beauty of art and design.

British designer Alexander Lamont makes collections of luxury furniture, lighting, objects and wall panels with unexpected natural materials and refined hand techniques that have been used for centuries in Europe and Asia. The luxury furniture of Alexander Lamont with its minimal, organic and tailored designs show a contemporary reverence for rituals of craftsmanship and the energy that human skills impart into every piece.

The philosophy of Alexander Lamont is very interesting and unique: “Objects have power: they connect us to our most intimate selves and to the people, places, stories and memories in our lives. In our most important and intimate everyday moments, the things that are present must be objects made with great skill and care, from natural materials that grow old with grace”.

“ I want the pieces that I create to become lifelong companions, friends of the house, each with its own energy, beauty and spirit ”,  says Alexander Lamont.

You can have a complete view of luxury furniture and all Alexander Lamont products by visiting the website and in our showroom in Verona.