Built-in ovens – Steel

Elevate your culinary journey with our partner, renowned for its built-in oven high quality level!  Steel produces a wide range of steel cooking appliances with high-end functionalities.

“High-efficiency burners allow precision-cooking over high heat, barbecue griddles for lovers of grilling, cast iron frytops for the perfect preparation of fish and vegetables, heavy stainless steel teppanyaki plates for Japanese-style cooking and induction hobs for those looking for an easy, efficient, and safe way to cook”, Steel.

Take a look at our Beth Bespoke Kitchen with built-in oven by Steel.

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In the Beth kitchen that is presented in our showroom, together with built-in oven, you can also discover the cooking area.

“A look inspired by the professional tradition, and ergonomics as a priority: metal knobs and handles for a perfect grip, the more visible control panel thanks to the 10° angle, the cook-top on the same level as the kitchen counter to avoid any effort in moving pots and pans. Cook-tops for every need, with brass burners and cast-iron grids in the full-gas options, flex-induction for the full-electric ones, a combination of brass burners and electric grill or plate for the hybrid options”, Steel.

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“Genesi originates from the wish to take home the kitchen of the restaurant, recreating its professional performances with a household appliance. Imagine the moments you’ll pass around that table, to taste something you’ll have prepared. Love, passion: the Italian meaning of sitting at the table. Genesi blends these ingredients up to get the recipe for the ideal kitchen: the one we create day after day”, Steel.

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You can have a complete view of steel cooking appliances and all Steel products by visiting the website https://www.steel-cucine.com/it and in our showroom in Verona.