It took place yesterday, in our showroom in Piazza Cittadella in Verona and at the offices and production plant of Bovolone, the training event “Function and design of the kitchen environment: how a tailoring project is born“, dedicated to the members of the Order of Architects Conservation Planners Landscapers of the Province of Verona.

An intense day, made not only of training in the traditional sense but enriched by a visit to the discovery of the craftsmanship signed Martini Mobili: the 14 participating architects have been able to explore, guided by our Sales Manager Roberto, our factory and offices of Bovolone, in which they were involved in an excursus of all the steps necessary so that precious unprocessed woods are transformed into luxury products with timeless charm.

In the second part of the day, instead, Roberto Conato and Marta Paganotto of Moodesignacademy held an interesting workshop on the kitchen environment: a space whose functionality and aesthetics must be updated according to the social-housing needs, passing from a traditional evolution of the kitchen projects of the future.

Martini Mobili, which has always been attentive to the training and promulgation of Made in Italy excellence, has thus begun a fruitful collaboration with the Order of Architects, Conservative Landscape Planners of the Province of Verona, aimed at enhancing craftsmanship and excellence.